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Taurus Daily Love Horoscope for Today

You want to feel like you're the only two people in the world. A secret admirer may be dreaming of you right now and it's time for the truth to come to light. Your idea of love is extending far beyond an isolated partnership.

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You want to fall in love with all sorts of people and make new connections. You're likely to meet a potential lover through mutual friends. Your heart wants you to be friends with someone before taking it to the next level.

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You're feeling romantic about your career right now and attracting all sorts of positive praise and admiration. Use this energy to truly work a room. You might meet a potential lover through work right now. Open yourself up to someone who has similar goals as you and understands you. You want don't just want any lover, you want a partner in crime; someone who understands your need for variety and experience.

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Read your free Taurus love horoscope and find out what the stars have in store for your love life and relationship today!. Read your free daily Taurus love horoscope for and get essential Today Taurus money and finances horoscope reveal a flow of money in life.

Go on an adventure with your partner. If you're single, you might just meet someone during your escapades. This is not the time to be tied down to one place. You're done with superficial romance and anything that looks "good on paper. You're bound to have some truly transcendent sex during this time, so enjoy it. You no longer want to play games or play the field.

Taurus Daily Horoscope

You want to establish a commitment with someone who is loyal and real. You could enter a new relationship during this time, and if you're already in one, it could mean it's time to either take it to the next level or move on.

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Taurus is practical and sophisticated, a grounding force that streamlines the Archer's expansive visions. Figure out your ascendant with our rising sign calculator. Today promises a bloom in your health as you recover from prolonged illn Read More Libra Horoscope Today: October 9, The good news is Taurus will be dynamic, productive and progressive, especially when it comes to your career. The right education is the base of a successful life. Renovation is your middle name, and you're forever titivating your digs with state-of-the-art fixtures and upgrades.

Right now, you're feeling in love with your priorities and you're in the mood to get your life together. This is a great time to be productive with your partner and focus on building something together. It's possible that a workplace romance could also unfold during this time. You're feeling incredibly flirtatious and in the mood to have fun right now. This is a beautiful time to keep your options open and date around. If you're already in a relationship, make sure you're going on exciting dates and keeping things creative.

Try something frisky in bed. You want a relationship that's based on comfort, love, and tender, loving care.

You don't want something on-and-off again or based only on hooking up. This is a beautiful time to introduce your lover to your relatives.

Taurus - Libra Love Horoscope & Compatibility on Wednesday, October 09,

It is like they adore opposite things and while Taurus will care for emotions and tenderness in a sexual relationship, Libra will rely on its depth and good timing. It will not be easy for them to understand what the other person wants and they could both end up seeming needy to one another — Taurus to Libra because of their emotional neediness and Libra to Taurus because of their physical one.

However different they might be, they are still two signs ruled by Venus and can be fairly attracted to each other. They are both gentle lovers who like their relationships without stress and drama, so with enough patience they could be a really good fit. With really insecure Libra specimens, it is almost impossible to have a trusting relationship, for their need for acceptance can go a long way and even suck them into unfaithfulness. Their quality however, is in their outlook on justice, and they will rarely act on their insecurities, but still, who could be sure when the vibe is so unstable, especially when someone as stable as Taurus tries to blend in.

These two will drive each other crazy. On one hand you would have Taurus, never doubting their character, never moving and annoyingly unchangeable. On the other, you would have Libra, indecisive and never certain of what they want. The main challenge here is their primary opinion on each other. As two sides of Venus, these signs represent a peasant girl Taurus and a city lady Libra. You could say that this is quite superficial, but it is actually a really deep problem with insecurity.

Libra is not criticizing Taurus because they are such a fine person, but because they are afraid they are not. Taurus will easily get insecure because of this critical view and dip into their guilt trip, almost as if they always searched for someone to wake the guilt in them, but without the ability to change and accept criticism as constructive.

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Even if this is not something any of them will say out loud, it can be felt in their relationship, even by those around them. If they are attracted to each other just enough they could fall crazy in love, but in most cases, they are both too careful to end up in a loving relationship.

Although Taurus and Libra both are looking for someone to sweep them off their feet, they will rarely have this with each other. Taurus will usually decide not to give enough space for Libra to discover them, while Libra will spend too much time looking for faults. As signs ruled by Venus, they are both complemented by signs ruled by Mars and normally look for a partner with initiative, to have a fast, exciting start and not get enough time to think things over.

john-und.sandra-gaertner.de/giros-en-medio-de-la-lluvia-novela-juvenil.php Venus, their ruler, represents value itself, so we could say that they value same things because of the similarities shown through what their ruler likes or not, but in different ways. Of course they both want true, magical, mystical love with Venus exalted in Pisces, but Taurus values tenderness and touch on their way to get there, while Libra values responsibility and seriousness. This could be their real point of connection if they do fall in love with one another. It is not hard to find activities to share for this couple, for as long as they are not boring to one of them.

Libra will rarely go for a walk in the mud, but they could make a tour downtown, where they could both be seen wearing their new outfits.

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With their mutual love for beautiful things and love in general, they will find a nice way to spend their time together if they are open enough to make some changes to their usual routine. Look out Libras, for Taurus is here to wake your inner fears and bring them all to surface! Taurus should be careful, too, for their need to feel guilt could blossom with a Libra. This relationship is a lesson both of them will never forget, especially if they manage to build enough understanding and tenderness between them.

If they do this, well you can imagine what a Venus complete would be like. Taurus sign - traits, horoscope, personality, dates, characteristics and astrological sign information.