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They take life seriously and firmly and they intend to take everything that is possible out of it.

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They are very fair and merciful, and developing their skills in the right direction, they usually quickly make a good career. They are not afraid of any obstacles, if they sincerely believe that they are doing the right things.

At times people of Number 23 may be somewhat nervous, but usually they keep their emotions under control and are able to restrain their passions. In emotional matters this people sometimes tend to dominate, which comes from the influence of Number 3. At the same time, they are very sensitive, and their feeling are really deep. They love to have the full attention of their friends, but do not like to be somebody's property. Marriage will certainly be good, if their spouses have exactly the same temperament or the desire to obey. In marriage, people of Number 23 would like to appear liberal, but deeply inside they dream to possess the unconditional love of their partners.

This sort of uncertainty comes from the influence of Number 2. Wavering mind and ones own mistake may result into losses. For zodiac sign Virgo and DOB 4 any kind of addiction like liquor should be avoided. It will be a challenging year for students who are appearing for competitive exams. Precaution should be taken in relation to opposite sex. Relation with life partner may become tense. Some one may deceive you in love. Few may suffer form stomach and Urine Infections. Natives having repeated number 3 in their DOB can have fight with friend.

Your forecast is based upon the PERSONAL YEAR you’re currently experiencing.

Here is the formula to calculate your numerology birth number and get more insight into your life path, along Updated January 08, Simple mathematics will reveal what your birth path numbers are according to your birth date numbers. If you are born on January 8th then Astrology or numerology can predicts many information Being Sun on a fixed location on January 8th on your birth date, a lot can be predicted about You may not able to make a huge number of friends.

The year will bring happiness for native having DOB number 5,8 9. Your expertise will be much in demand.

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Much excitement waits for native with DOB Number 4. There can be conspiracy in professional front for native having repeated number 1 in DOB. Numerologist Nisha Says people engaged in event management , Luxury homes , Hotel industry , film , media the year is not going to bring much appreciation. You will have to prove your self. Your attempts to establish yourself on professional front may be resented by others but you will be able to get better out of them.

What to do — Be careful in monetary deals. What to avoid — To trust any stranger. This year will be year of self understanding. Good news for natives having birth sign Scorpio and Pieces it will be year of learning for them. People who are involved in higher education the year will bring mental peace and lot of achievement.

Control on high temper is recommended for DOB and life path number 7. The Year will be full of challenges, in terms of money, you may feel financially exhausted. More spending on health can be seen. Avoid spending lavishly since you may not save much this year. Interference from opposite sex in business may bring loss. Natives having repeated number 8 in DOB should take precaution in sale and purchase and in any illegal transaction.

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People in trading , machinery , medical field surgery , construction should keep watch. There will be small gains for them. Irregularity In meals can give acidity. Go for health check up. Few can suffer from Arthritis , Hypertension , cronic health problems. What to do — Hard work to establish your self on professional front. What to avoid — Trusting new friend. People with Life number 8 need more patience. As per Numerology Prediction you may face challenge so make best use of powers in a right direction, Zodiac sign Scorpio, Sagittarius Aries and Pieces will not be left untouched.

⑧ Numerology Number 8. Secrets of your Birthday

They may have to face opponents in job. There can be delay in promotion. Avoid taking huge loan. Year will bring comforts for people having DOB 4.

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Natives with repeated number 2,6 , 9 in DOB might have to go to the courts. Differences in family relationships will grow. Brother health may be matter of concern. Keep control on speech and speak politely to your subordinates. There can be sudden changes. Land investment can give benefit.

Calculate Lucky Numbers in Birth Date

You can be blessed with child or buy a new house. Numerologist Nisha Says this year may bring special offer for people having Number 3 ,5,4 in their Birth Date. Year may not be good or favourable health wise. Muscle and stomach discomfort can disturb you.

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You may suffer form blood , heart and bile related problems. What to do — Good showing in professional front.

Life Path Number 8

What to avoid — Over reaction. For Number 9 this year will be quite progressive. There can be benefit from the government and foreign trade. You can spend on new home or Property. Mars rule Zodiac sign Scorpio and Aries people with these signs will be able to establish them self on professionals front but they must keep ma check in family disputes. For native with number 9 this year will be full of opportunities. Numerology this year can prove to be a turning point for you. Year will be rewarding for DOB number 1,2,3,7 You may get promoted in job and can go overseas.

Disputed matters in land and property will settle. You may buy land or property this year. Care should be taken in signing any document. Natives having repeated number 5 in DOB can have dispute with brothers. Confidence will help and your convincing ability will help you in overcoming problems. Numerologist Nisha says heath will improve.

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Year will be beneficial for natives dealing in property , real estate , education industry , food industry, Machinery , doctors , engineers and politicians. Do not use harsh words since mars dominance can overturn the table. Desires and ambitions will be fulfilled this year. Fun and light socializing is also in order. Likewise, any activities where you can express your creativity is favored. It could be artistically creative in the traditional sense, creative problem solving, or engagement with anything that allows you to step outside of the box.

Sweet relief! After facing down some rocky relationship hurdles and a lot of intense one-on-one bonding in , will feel mercifully lighter and lot more social! A 3 Personal Year is all about heightened communication and creative self-expression.

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Health wise the year will be good. It could be artistically creative in the traditional sense, creative problem solving, or engagement with anything that allows you to step outside of the box. Daily Numerology. It indicates our talents, abilities and tools that we brought with us into this life , and is a key factor in choosing our profession. I have had many major reverses in my life and am now experiencing my most successful time in business.

How can you spiff up your personal image, fine-tune your communication skills, and develop an effective expression of your emotions? January is a 4 Personal Month, which may throw a couple speed bumps onto your path. Take time to get your ducks in a row, setting attainable goals, and getting schedules and budgets organized so you can be ready to roll.

January is your month to put your nose to the proverbial grindstone and work—even if you feel conflicted. Should I go to that party or should I stay late and finish this project?