The astrological sign of scorpio is represented by which animal

Scorpio (astrology)

A dolphin is a great alternative animal for this sign. It is a playful creature always looking for mental stimulation and are very intelligent.

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Geminis and dolphins are also immensely entertaining to have around and are very social. While dolphins are not known to mate for life, they highly social animals that travel in pods and are rarely found on their own. The sign of the crab is represented in the tarot as The Chariot , a card that speaks to using intuition to guide you in the right direction, as well as the pursuit of security. Penguins are known to take care of their own offspring very well. Much like a nurturing Cancer, they have a deep, strong tie to their mate and their pack.

They somehow manage great, long pilgri ma ges to find food and a new, safe home every year, using their internal compass to find the way against all odds. The ability to nurture and create a home in the most difficult of circumstances is the epitome of the energy of a Cancer. The sign of the lion is represented in the tarot by the Strength card , speaking to physical strength and courage; as well as emotional, mental, and spiritual prowess.

A wolf would be an appropriate alternate animal, as this creature is both strong and mighty, just like the king of the jungle, Leo. Wolves are very social creatures, with a strong respect for their leader, or alpha, who tends to control the group. We think this alternative animal is perfect to represent a Leo. The sign of the virgin is represented in the tarot as The Hermit.

A raccoon would be a great alternate animal — very curious and intelligent. This little rascal is busy and focused on what it wants. Even though it has some questionable habits when it comes to finding and eating food, it can certainly be fastidious. Have you ever seen a raccoon wash its hands?! This focus on cleanliness surely describes a Virgo to a tee.

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The sign of the scales is represented in the tarot as Justice , speaking to weighing desires against needs and putting your own feelings and emotions aside to find the balance or fairness of a situation. An interesting alternate animal would be the otter.

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This is a creature that sacrifices itself for the survival of their offspring. A fun fact, and another point of alignment to a Libra, is that the otter plays a key role in maintaining the balance of some marine ecosystems, the food they eat actually helps keep the harmony of the life cycle for parts of a river or ocean! Scorpio can be represented as a scorpion, phoenix, serpent or eagle depending on which astrologer you ask.

It is represented in the tarot by the Death card , which is sometimes translated as the card of transformation and the ability to change identity when needed. An alternate animal for Scorpio could easily be a cat. Furiate expands on this concept, explaining to Bustle, "A birth chart is created at the exact moment an event takes place.

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This event may be the birth of a person or animal, the start of a new job, the beginning of a new relationship Now that we know that all dogs have zodiac signs, let's take a look at some interpretations of the signs as they apply to your pup:. Talk about being the alpha dog! Creatures of comfort to the max, a Taurean dog will likely be happiest when lounging in the most comfortable, luxurious napping spot.

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They get angry quickly, but they also forgive easily. They no longer worry or care about anything unhealthy, pertaining to the mind, body or spirit. I feel proud to be a Scorpio,but I feel as if my journey just began. Beaver's have a barrel of unlimited time and patience, making them one of the most valuable workers in any field. Unless you are signed in to a HubPages account, all personally identifiable information is anonymized. As a peaceful kind person all my life and non-reactive in the face of extreme unprovoked nastiness from people born in other star signs, I am puzzled by the above descriptions of Scorpios, the few I've met being generous, funny and thoughtful people.

And according to The Old Farmer's Almanac , "While Taurus pets may be determined, they are also very protective and like to keep an eye towards the safety of their home and family," so no surprise if your dog also doubles as your bodyguard. Gemini dogs, just like Gemini people, are curious about everything around them. Super sensitive, these emotionally-guarded water babies just want to be loved and don't take criticism very well — so remember to discipline them with extra sensitivity.

Be sure to give your Cancer dog lots of affection and positive reinforcement to ensure their constant comfort. Most dogs are the the unofficial kings or queens of their household — as they should be — but if you're dealing with a Leo dog, you can pretty much guarantee they're wearing the crown. According to Everyday Health , dogs of this sign "love to be pampered and spoiled and are always vying for the spotlight.

Virgo pets love routine and cleanliness, so be on-time for mealtime and make sure to keep them gorgeously groomed. As Everyday Health explains , "Pets that fall under the Virgo sign are also the cleanest of all pets, spending a great deal of time and energy on their personal grooming habits. Virgo dogs are also hardworking and devoted, making them easy to train.

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What you thought was one of the most straightforward symbols comes with a catch. Scorpio (♏) is the eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Scorpio is associated with three different animals: the scorpion, the snake, and the eagle (or phoenix). The snake and eagle are related to the nearby.

This mythological bird is most famous not just for its beautiful flaming wings, but also for the fact that its death is in fact only the opportunity to be born anew in an endless cycle. In life, we talk about those who rise like a phoenix from the ashes — those who stare down adversity, seem almost overcome by it, and then out of nowhere look to be on a lucky streak, almost seeming to glide out of danger just as all hope seemed lost. One of the biggest Scorpio secrets is that people born under this star sign often regard their lives the same way.

A Scorpio soul often faces tremendous hardships, and feels them all the deeper thanks to his or her seething emotions.

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Yet at the moment when it seems they give up control — something a Scorpio hates to do — and resign themselves to a cruel fate, life almost seems to take over. They come back to you in the next week or so, completely rejuvenated and with big grins and electric eyes.

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How can someone who has been so overwhelmed by terror now become so confident and at ease, others wonder? The answer is in the Scorpio symbol of the Phoenix — a deeply spiritual sacrifice of the self that a Scorpio performs, often unconsciously, that unlocks their power. Scorpio rules death and dark secrets, yet the Phoenix assures that they need not fear it — they will always be resurgent, they will always win in the end, even if doing so costs everything.

The Scorpio glyph representing their star sign, as those born under said sign will proudly inform you, is admittedly rather cool. It explains why it forms such a centerpiece in every Scorpio themed gift or artwork, or the heart of any good Scorpio symbol tattoo. However, because Scorpio is regarded as a passionate and sensual sign, that tail is also said to represent the reproductive organs. While most obviously that design would seem male, keep in mind that the Scorpio energy is one that mixes the masculine and the feminine, and that Scorpio sign symbol interpretation nonetheless assures that each gender of Scorpio person has an uncanny talent for the carnal arts.

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But as with everything for Scorpio, it goes deeper than that. But as ever, Scorpio is weaving black magic around our expectations. Every star sign in the conventional zodiac has a ruling element, but shares that element with two other star signs who have similar philosophical outlooks and personas. Therefore, the Scorpio symbol as far as elements go is water — a distinction shared with considerate Cancer and daydreaming Pisces.

Yet while those other signs show water as mystical healing and a realm to be explored, Scorpio shows water as a deep, dark and mysterious place where things can be hidden. The passions and emotions held beneath the surface of their inner oceans suddenly surface, dragging their beau into the depths in what can feel like a sink or swim experience. Like any water element star sign, Scorpio experiences intense emotions that can often shift and change beyond his or her control. Lacking control of a situation is secretly quite scary for a Scorpio person, and you might be surprised at how irate with their own emotional states they become.

However, these same seething emotions are huge sources of creativity and motivation — a double-edged sword for a Scorpio soul to wield with care.