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I am an 8 born woman with 8 lifepath. I have been asking everyperson i have been with what date they are born on.

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I have noticed that now allot of times i can quess what they are after speaking with them. I have a question. You say in this post that 9 is not compatible with 8 at all. I have found the complete opposite. I find that i get along extremey well with 9 born or lifepath persons and dont get along at all with people of 8 numerology. With 9 i find there is instant attraction and i find the 9 born man finds me challenging and different.

Same way, all men attracted to woman born on 6 or lp 6. But the continuity of relationship for lifelong is what compatibility is all about. Hello Sir, Your sincerity in replying to ppls queries is commendable. I am really glad that you are trying to help ppl. My dob is 8 march , life path 4. I have two questions: 1.

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Sir please reply…. Those born on January 26th have many secrets to unveil, and their purpose needs to be lived through by a feeling, a hunch, and an inner state of excitement that leads the way. It is important that you respect and understand each other to take this relationship forward. But she doesnt like it. I ask about the number 9 because i wish to marry someone who is a 9. You will not be lucky in any form of gambling, speculations or get rich quick schemes. Or should I be only in spirituality and religion???

I got married on 21st of june but since december, I am not living with my husband. His dob is 30 august, His name is Kumar Abhinav. I want to know will the legal separation process be smooth? I am on an year long leave from my office since august I want a change in my career field for a more satisfying thing like research and teaching. Please reply and help me in my problem. But her name after marriage is Pooja Prabhu. But she doesnt like calling her by that name Her DOB is We lover her very much Now the problem is between us , we dont have a nice understanding.

We always fight, quarrel etc. Will we get married? Iam 8born with the 4 lifepath. Can you please tell me why the relationship with 8 born men are so difficult for me. There are always difficultes in my personal life.

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Maybe 8 born people cannot build a happy family becasue they are so alike? It is time to decide whether we want to get married. He asked me to move to his home country. It is a big decision for me and I need your advice. Please advice whether it will be a good marriage for both of us? I want to have children.

My name Olesja Verbicka , his name Brian Honeycutt, Best regards. Hi Sir, i was born in Our marriage has been plan to be have it on Is this a good date to get married for both of us. Is there any reason where born in 8 shouldent get marreid in 8. Please advise, need your urgent feedback on this. These should be avoided. If one gets married on 26th, then it can either do good or bad to 8 born person depending upon the position of saturn in ones chart.

Dear Astronlogia, I put the details of both of us in the link you gave me about the marriage report! Can you please let me know whether you got this information and how i can this report! My name is Nagesh Prabhu.

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Her DOB is Infact after marriage we have kept her name as Pooja Prabhu. But she doesnt like it. So I am always upset with this. By the way we got married on I have ordered the marriage reports on the 24th and Iam just wondering how long it might take to get it via email. It says on the website days, unless iam mistaken.

I was not able to contact you through astronlogia. Thus, sorry to contacting you in here and i hope you can come back to me soon. I am an 8 born with 8 lifepath. I have noticed that i cannt understand 4 borns at all and they irratate me so much.


The same with 8 borns. I find that 9 borns i get along with so much better why is that? I am a 8 born too. I read all your articles on 8 born and that number 1, 4 and 8 are compatible. However contrary to this, I dont gel well with 8 born males. I find them strange and selfcentered. They tend to confuse a simple communication thats I make. Is it just my experience or a malefic thoughts blocking my mindset to judge right and wrong perspectives. Some 8 borns can be insensitive and self centered, mainly because of lack of self confidence and self belief, but it cant be applicable to 1 and 4 born too, 4 borns are sensitive in nature.

Oh my God.. Martyna, aged Oh my God everything is so true about me. Now I know what is really going on. Please, I beg you tell me if Artur is compatible with me? Do we have chances to be happy together. There is compatibility between you two in matters of LOVE, but if you are planning for marriage, then horoscopes of you two has to be analyzed for that. Aha… But do I, do we have chances to be a satisfying marriage? I have got the charts of each other, I could send it to you on email.

I am stuck and need help choosing the date. I feel like I have to set the date or it will never happen, there is always something in the way, I feel. I, Julia Shvedchenko was born on 27th September and my fiance Paul Traveller on 8th July which makes me a 9 and him an 8. Are we still compatible long term?

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We are planning a wedding in June or July , what is the best date? Thank you so much for your help, really appreciate it. Compatibility is not seen with birth date alone, rather its seen with life path and name too.

Regarding dates, there are lots of factors to consider, which i ll post soon. Not sure if that will make any diff. My DOB is and time is 6. Kindly explain what does these numbers mean??

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Everything in my life is late and slow. Not married yet and currently sitting with no job. Every saturday i read Shani Chaalisa. Hope I am in a right direction… plzzz guide me.

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Mona, your life path is favorable but your name number 28 is not good for marriage as well as career. Its better to change it or change the way you sign.

Fake marriage dates or birth dates in certificates will never come into effect.