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No doubt she is brilliant, and her wit and charm are attractive. Yet, strange as it might be, you could tell her she is beautiful, but she will not believe you because she is so modest and humble. Yes, we are talking about a Virgo Woman… you know, the one who makes your heart beat faster every time you know she is around.

She makes everyone around her comfortable, and you would just love to get a little alone time with her to talk for hours on end.

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Charming, classy, committed, funny, gentle, attractive, and she tries to perfect everything she touches. What more can you ask for? Mercury is the planetary influence ruling over Virgo Women; the planet is so named after the Roman messenger god and a deity who rules over thieves, luck, trickery, travel, boundaries, eloquent speech, and communication.

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These attributes may show up, at least in part, in a Virgo woman. For example, your Virgo lady is likely to have a lovely speaking voice which only lends more to her amazing eloquence when she speaks.

Her communication skills are beyond extraordinary, and she is one who knows how to set her personal boundaries all while having a little trouble making them known to you. She may enjoy travel and stretching the limits too just to see what boundaries she can cross. Your Virgo Woman might be witty, cunning, or even enjoy a bit of playful trickery from time to time. If imbalances are present, you might find her flighty, non-committal, restless, and stealing away with your heart only after she breaks it.

The planetary symbol for Mercury is a cross with a circle on top of it, and above the circle is a crescent. The circle in the Mercury symbol denotes, not just the head, but the intellect and the seat of the soul and the spirit. You can expect your Virgo Woman to be a wise woman, but also soulful and most likely spiritual too.

The cross beneath the circle signifies the physical plane, and in doing so shows how the Virgo Woman lets her intellect and soul run the show. Mercury carries the Caduceus, a common symbol signifies healing, so she may have some innate healing abilities, or she may work in a healthcare field. She may even enjoy holistic healing modalities. You can expect the Virgo Woman to be nervous, antsy and restless when she is falling in love because love is not among the more rational emotions she leans into; but once you win her heart, she will love you with a depth so profound it might even astound you.

Once over the initial worry and nervousness, she will blossom like a flower in the arms of an affectionate man who knows just how to woo her.

Virgo Woman Traits. Virgo Woman in Bed. Dating a Virgo Woman

The bedroom is more welcoming as the relationship intensifies. Your Virgo Woman will surprise you with how naughty this otherwise desirous virgin wants to be: The sex life will move from warm to spicy hot in as little as 3. Because in love she knows being a bit unpredictable will keep your interests. Do all the romantic things a girl dreams of; carry her over the threshold for no reason other than to do so; open car doors, pull out the chair for her, allow her to be seated first, and allow her to stand before you do when rising from the table. Her mother taught her early on to take great pride in everything she touches and to be willing to sign her name to that which her hand has affected.

She is well-organized both in the office and at home as she just cannot make herself at home unless everything is in the proper order. Once the chores are done, she dusts the knick-knacks and changes the linen, only then will she kick off her shoes for a cup of her favorite herbal tea and a good book. Chance is not something the Virgo female enjoys.

She much rather have a full, clear schedule, her plans concrete, and her bank account full. She needs a comfortable nest egg for security. Sometimes it is hard to understand a Virgo female. You might have trouble understanding when she holds back on expressing her real emotions. She tries to allow the rational to rule her head and to always keep her emotions in check. As a Virgo or virgin sun sign, her feelings are pure and intense.

As if experiencing each time, she focuses on her emotions for the first time. Without her analytical mind to keep her balanced, she might be prone to episodes of anxiety, mood swings, and periods where she feels overwhelmed. She cleans like a maniac since cleaning a place is much like restoring its pure, virgin nature. She is hygienic, and if a bit out of balance, she can become a germaphobe who washes her hands after every handshake. She might wipe them down with a powerful hand sanitizer too. She will give no thought to how the person she shook hands with might react to her abrupt need for sanitization, either.

Once her selection is made, she works the details and shifts things and herself around so she can achieve her goal and keep it. Though the Virgo woman is often seen as virginal, that's far from the truth. She may not be a player or do hook-ups and casual sex, but she's an earth sign woman and like all the earth signs, she's sensual and has an affinity with the physical aspect of sex. Once she trusts a man and feels loved, she willingly sheds any inhibitions and loosens up. Behind the privacy of closed doors with the right man, she's an earthy angel with a wicked twist who can be coy or kinky, tender, and romantic.

Even in bed she places emphasis on details and quality and works to perfect, which makes her a lover with an unusual finesse. A Capricorn man is often thought to be wholly unromantic, devoid of sentiment, and entirely focused on achievement, ambition, and power. Like the legendary, silent, earthy old west cowboy, the Capricorn man seems to prefer to be alone. He doesn't.

Virgo and Scorpio

Not really. He believes in true love and will wait patiently for it. Then, he'll work hard keep it. He's loyal and dependable and will do anything and everything for the woman he loves. His actions speak louder than his words. He's into commitment and takes his commitments very seriously.

Virgo Woman: Characteristics and Personality Traits of Virgo Female

When a Capricorn man loves a woman who returns that love, he's truly a for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health sort of guy. Once a woman catches his eye, he'll admire her from afar. Then, he'll make a move toward friendship and learn what she's all about before he becomes romantically involved. As a matter of fact, sometimes he'll even wait for the woman to make the first move toward romance.

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Jupiter In Sagittarius 07th November Friends — Virgos are excellent advisors, always knowing how to solve a problem. Astrology can let you learn more about someone you recently met. Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology. When a Virgo worries, they can suffer from ulcers and other digestion problems.

He's not a gambler, and he doesn't play the odds. Any romantic relationship is a big investment, and he's looking for a sure thing. He's not the type who would lead a woman on or play hard to get, he's just careful and cautious with his feelings and prefers to build a relationship slowly. He's not into self-promotion and is likely to put all his warts on the table at the very beginning and hope the lady will stick around long enough to discover all his wonderful assets. Watery Pisces is guided more by its gut instincts, its hopes and dreams, and its idealistic aspirations.

Virgo Woman and Capricorn Man

Yet most of the time these opposite traits only add to the emotional attraction between these two star signs, rather than detracting from it in any significant way. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I'm a Virgo married fifty-seven years to a Aquarius. Agree with everything you wrote. Have a nice week. This very nice analysis of Virgo girl with other Zodiac signs.

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Virgo woman personality traits and characteristics

The Virgo Woman is the ultimate combination of brains and beauty. Learn all about the personality traits & love life of the Virgo Woman today. A woman born in the sign of Virgo is smart, modest, and often prone to sacrifice for a “higher purpose” that might not actually be that high at all. She needs a man .

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